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Massmart, Africa’s leading food wholesaler and third largest consumer goods distributor, has announced the launch of Ecowise. It’s the group’s environmental advocacy programme to raise awareness about important environmental issues. Ecowise works both up and down Massmart’s supply chain, advocating responsible environmental behaviour by suppliers as well as responsible shopping behaviour from customers.


Ecowise has an educational focus. It teaches customers to look for product specific environmental marks of approval on-pack when making their buying decisions. The use of the Ecowise brand ensures that environmental considerations are top-of-mind for shoppers in-store. Massmart’s Ecowise programme makes it easier for environmentally aware customers to support environmentally responsible suppliers.   ...more







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Massmart achieves best performer status in latest JSE SRI Index

Massmart has been recognised as one of the best performers in the medium environmental impact category of the JSEs 2011 Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index, the results of which were announced on 7 December 2011. According to the results, the group's environmental and climate change practices were recognised as constituting best practice. Massmart has been a constituent of the SRI index since its inception in 2004. This years index, which measures organisational performance through a set of socially responsible dimensions that include sustainability, environmental, social and governance practices, saw Massmart achieve full marks in the governance and related sustainability concerns dimension, meeting all 32 core indicators as well as all 33 desirable indicators.

It also met 92 out of 98 criteria on the social dimension. Commenting on the groups performance, Massmart CEO Grant Pattison said: "During the past six years Massmart has prioritised accountable business practices as a key focus area, as demonstrated by our industry leadership in BBBEE. We are proud of our progress across the various dimensions and look forward to making an even greater contribution towards environmental sustainability, harnessing Walmarts global leadership in this critical area. Massmart achieved best performer status in the SRI in 2007 & 2008.

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Supported Environmental Labeling Systems

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Marine Stewardship Council
mark recognises that fisheries
are managed in a sustainable manner.
Working with fisheries, seafood
companies, scientists, conservation
groups and the public.

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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Council
mark indicates that raw timber,
wood and paper products are sourced from forests that are managed in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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Energy Star

The Energy Star mark means that
products comply with strict energy
efficiency guidelines defi ned by the
US Department of Energy and US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Mobius Loop

The Mobius Loop indicates that a
product or part of it can be recycled.
The inclusion of a number shows the percentage of recycled material that has gone into making the product.

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